UMTATA (2016)

UMTATA is a collection of works that deal critically with folk*dance*research, both from an artistic and and a scientific perspective.


The term Umtata has been mentioned by two informants in an interview from May 24th 2015. The informants described Umtata as a „normal“ dance, in contrast to (folk) dances that were learned and taught in courses in the 1950s in Austria. The three syllables um-ta-ta don’t have a meaning by themselves, but refer to steps and rhythm of the dances. Therefore the bodily experience has been translated in an onomatopoeic way into spoken language and became known as a name for certain (folk) dances. This playful interweaving of practice and theory is significant for my approach to folk*dance*research.

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Photography: Dominik Unger, Picture editing: Désirée Meul