Enjeux (November 2014)

Photo credit: Rita Taylor / The Banff Centre

Photo credit: Rita Taylor / The Banff Centre

Enjeux is a performance by the company kondition pluriel.

A 30 minute work-in-progress version was presented in November 2014 in the Banff Centre in Canada in the frame of CONVERGENCE, an international summit on art and technology called

Creative Application Network in a review about the summit:
Dance R&D troupe kondition pluriel presented a preview of a work-in-progress entitled Enjeux, in which a pair of dancers manipulate a stageful of boxes. As would be expected, sophisticated combinatorial play and makeshift construction ensued. Aided by toggleable LEDs within some of the boxes and clever use of projection mapping, the duo ‘built a world’ out of an array of seemingly mundane everyday objects.

Concept and artistic direction: Martin Kusch and Marie-Claude Poulin
Choreography: Marie-Claude Poulin
Media environment: Martin Kusch, in collaboration with Andreas Haider
Performance: Laura Unger and Nina Vobruba
Sound environment: Alexandre St-Onge