Prothesengöttinnen (October 2014)

Der Mensch ist sozusagen eine Art Prothesengott geworden, recht großartig, wenn er alle seine Hilfsorgane anlegt, aber sie sind nicht mit ihm verwachsen und machen ihm gelegentlich noch viel zu schaffen.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Unbehagen in der Kultur

www.gregorbuchhaus.comwww.gregorbuchhaus.comFoto: Gregor Buchhaus

Starting from a quote by Nietzsche about the God of/as prothesis, Nina Vobruba and Laura Unger built a performance using crutches as extensions of their bodies. A 3×3 meter square filled with wheatpowder created a defined stage and the surface for text from Mladn Savic. With the crutches connected to their arms the performers were able to minimize their movement while fighting the forces of gravity. A slowness was created that extended under high body tension until a point of giving up and infection with the other body, the floor and the dirt. ‘Prothesengötinnen’ was performed in October 2014 at Urhof20.

Concept: Nina Vobruba         Performance: Nina Vobruba, Laura Unger       Text: Mladn Savic

Sound: Benjamin Kraus        Fotos:



Prothesengöttinnen was also part of an outdoor performance by Gerald Muthsam called ‘Natur Gewalt’ in August 2014 at Viertelfestival in Lower Austria. ‘Natur Gewalt’ was built around a digger, a powerful construction machine and a symbol for the destruction of nature. The usage of the crutches changed from actual protheses to the imagery of weapons for a military parade. Following the dance introduction, the scenery of the performance, the digger, started to move and became a performer itself. Within thirty minutes it digged a hole in the earth deep enough so the machine itself fitted inside. The construction machine burried or planted itself like a seed in order to transform into a natural machine.

Concept: Gerald Muthsam                Performance: Nina Vobruba, Laura Unger               Sound:  Johannes Bode

Link to newspaper article (in German):;art2567,559433